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Laughing Dog Yoga Workshops

Workshops are a wonderful way to enhance your knowledge, deepen your dedication, come together in community and grow your practice.
They also involve a significant financial commitment – which given budgetary responsibility may be difficult to justify. That said, we do not want anyone to miss out on any workshop they may want to attend – they are just too valuable. So, for all workshops, we offer scholarships and a sliding scale for those in need. Please contact studio to apply.

Registration Policy: It is fine to sign up for Early Bird Discount and still pay the day of the workshop IF you definitely plan to attend.

Cancellation Policy: 48 hours notice required to cancel for full refund (minus administrative fee). Last minute cancellations cannot be refunded. If you were planning to pay the day of the workshop, it is still necessary to pay. Thank you for honoring this policy.


w/ Marissa Farrell

Tues. 6:45-8:15p 1/9-1/30, 2018

$249 (includes $25 manual and weekly video practice)
$200 (if taken the 4-wk class before)

2 Options:

OR email or sign up at studio

The InHara Practice (or as some call it - The Vagina Workshop) is a transformational practice developed by Marissa Farrell and designed specifically for women for healing her creative center and invigorating her life.

The word Hara stands for the soft abdomen in Japanese. The InHara Practice is a system of movement for women to reconnect with the most primal portion of her body, within her pelvis.

During this 4-wk workshop, women will move through a specific sequence of "exercises" to connect with, tone, invigorate, and juice up the abdominal walls and pelvic floor. Immediate results have been: a stronger center and lift to a sagging pelvic floor. Long term results have included: re-lifting of prolapsed pelvic organs, vibrant sexual health, greater knowledge and confidence in your sexuality, and a renewal of the upward fountain of your creative drive. This program is for all women, at any age and at any stage of her life.

Marissa is a yoga teacher at Laughing Dog, specializing in pre/postnatal yoga. She is also a Childbirth Educator and Doula. She has trained in extensively in core practices to tone pelvic floor and decrease diastasis (abdominal wall separation that naturally occurs in childbirth and many times does not close up. It also can occur thru improper core training).


Gentle Yoga & Yoga Nidra

w/ Jenny Schneider

Fri. 1/12, 2018 - 5-6:30p

$18 Drop-In or use Class Card

email or sign up at studio

If the thought of making New Year's Resolutions is stressing you out, relax, there are other powerful ways to create shifts in 2018.

This special class will approach your goal in a kind and authentic way by connection you with your heart and inner vision.

We will practice gentle yoga poses and a long Yoga Nidra.


for 6-wk to pre-crawlers & caregiver
(parent, grandparent, nanny - any caregiver)

w/ Lyn Jekowsky

Thurs. 11-12:15p - 1/18-2/15, 2018


TO SIGN UP - email or sign up at studio

Enjoy this time to connect with your baby in this peaceful and relaxing class. Spend time with your little one learning relaxation techniques, infant massage and fun yoga-inspired postures and movements. This class is a wonderful way to help facilitate body awareness and sensory stimulation, boost baby's immune system, aid in digestion and circulation and improve sleep. Most of the yoga we do in Baby Yoga is for baby, but parents will get to do a little bit of moving and stretching as well as breathing and relaxation techniques. No yoga is experience required.

*Please bring a thick baby blanket to class.

Lyn Jekowsky has been dedicated to the health, wellbeing and empowerment of children since discovering pediatric nursing over thirty years ago. For the past 18 years she has been practicing as an elementary school nurse in Needham, MA. She discovered yoga 9 years ago and began to bring the tools of mindfulness and relaxation into her nursing practice. She also began to train to teach children of all ages. She is a Certified Level 2 Children's Yoga Instructor, and Certified Baby and Toddler Yoga Instructor, trained by Childlight Yoga. She is certified as a Level 2 Yoga Therapist in Creative Relaxation for Children with Autism and Special Needs, trained by Louise Goldberg, and also holds a certificate in Mindfulness Fundamentals. Her Baby Yoga & Play classes, for infants/children with their caregivers are filled with developmentally appropriate animated poses, breathing techniques, music, games and creative movement and relaxation.


Yoga & Intro. to Non-Violent Communication (NVC)

w/ Cat McCarthy

Fri. 6/1-6/3, 2018

TG(Ganesha)IF Yoga Class, 6:30-8:30p - $40
Sat. & Sun. Intro. to NVC, 1-4p/each day - $110
Entire Weekend - $130

Choose One:
There is a saying that “Conflict happens so learn to navigate it well”. This may be especially relevant now. Join Cat, both gifted teacher & NVC facilitator, for this special weekend of Yoga and the practice of Non-Violent Communication.

Friday evening will be a fun All Levels Yoga Class to end the week and begin the weekend.

Sat. & Sun. will be an Introduction to NVC. This 6 hr. workshop introduces the key concepts of NVC. It helps you compassionately understand your habitual behavior and translate judgments into awareness. You will acquire tools of emotional intelligence to help generate the new neural pathways of empathy. There will be a mix of yoga, insightful NVC exercises and discussion, so bring your yoga mat, notebook/pen, along w/ an open heart & curious mind. Get ready to shift your perspective on a cellular level.

Cat McCarthy, ERYT-500 is dedicated yoga practitioner since 1993 and innovative teacher/trainer since 2002, Cat holds teaching certifications in Anusara Yoga, Kripalu Yoga, and The Barnes Method Prenatal Yoga and has studied extensively within the philosophical tradition of Rajanaka Yoga. Cat's facilitation in NVC (Non-Violent Communication) has helped bridge her conflict resolution skills to her yoga practice both on and off the mat. Mixing dynamic alignment and re-patterning tools with a playful approach, Cat's guidance is informative and entertaining. When not traversing the globe to teach yoga, this Emmynominated filmmaker directs/produces non-fiction projects. For more info, please visit:


Invitation to be a Change-Agent

w/ Samantha Cameron

Sun. 2/4 - 3-4:30p


TO SIGN UP - email or sign up at studio

Bring calendars to mark energy highlights. Information, in non-astrological terms, will be shared to help understand and work with: timing, cycles, perspective and the always wonderful-Surprise! Looking ahead offers opportunity to be prepared, make informed choice and respond well ... traits of a good change-agent in the Magical Mystery Tour of 2018.


Liberate Your Spine

w/ Damian McCann

Sun. 2/11, 2018 - 10-4:45p

$175 (includes FM band & FM balls)

Time to take your movement to the next level. No matter what techniques you practice, or if you just want to deepen your experience of how a healthy body functions, Franklin Method provides an evidence-based meditative, practical, and enjoyable approach to anatomical embodiment.

Franklin Method is the ultimate life-hack, improving the way our bodies function not just in exercise but in everyday life, creating a peaceful mind and healthy body.

  • Understanding the science and application of mind/body techniques for improving movement, posture, confidence, motivation, strength, flexibility, balance and stability;
  • Discovery of healthy and efficient movement through embodying the muscles and fascia of the body;
  • Embodying alignment as a dynamic 3-dimensional event and the corresponding bone-rhythms, thus improving posture and allowing more efficient movement;
  • Experience the importance of the organs in movement;
  • Explore how the functional understanding of the body can be applied to practices such as yoga in order to empower excellent teaching of healthy movement by experiencing it ourselves.
This will involve an understanding of movement philosophy from the Franklin Method perspective, highlighting the importance of imagery to successful mind/body connection.

The focus of this workshop will be the Spine including the bone rhythms, muscles, fascial connections of the spine, the proper function, importance and placement of the organs related to the spine - ie. lungs, heart, large intestine, liver & kidneys and the relief of lower back, knee and other issues related to the spine.

You will learn the experiential anatomy & function of the spine, learn exercises & dynamic imagery to release holding patterns while moving the spine in an optimal way to bring greater awareness, health & freedom of movement. You will also learn how to use dyna-bands and FM rolling balls to enhance your learning.

Bottom line - you will learn tons, have a lot of fun & walk away w/ knowledge that you can use on a daily basis in all areas of your life. And you will feel great.

Damian McCann has been studying and teaching the Franklin Method for twelve years and is a member of the Franklin Method teacher training faculty. In this time he has trained extensively with founder Eric Franklin and teaches weekly classes in NYC as well as workshops in US, Canada and Europe. His journey into the somatic arts began when he went in search of an alternative to surgery for his chronic back pain, spending many years traveling and studying with those he considered to be experts in the field of Movement Science and Energy Medicine. Damian is passionate about providing tools to facilitate radical change in body and mind, resulting in a whole new experience of pleasurable, healthy, and efficient movement in everyday life. His well rounded training also includes BodyTalk, Source Point Therapy, Yuen Method, Reflexology, Tui Na, Swedish and Sports Rehab Massage, Aromatherapy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Matrix Energetics and he is a Reiki Master.


Reclaiming your Self, Body & Soul

w/ Robyn Maltz & Sallie Sharpless

Sun. 2/25, 2018 - 12:45-4p


email or sign up at studio

In this healing workshop participants will have an opportunity to experience how their breast cancer journey can be life enhancing and soul enriching.

This workshop will give participants an opportunity to share with each other and gently connect to their bodies through movement, guided imagery, expressive art and yoga. We will introduce the tool of The Witness - cultivating the capacity to look at all of our emotional experiences through a loving, nonjudgmental lens in order to grow and expand.

This workshop is appropriate for women at any stage of their breast cancer journey.

The workshop will be led by Robyn Maltz, psychotherapist, co- creator of BeSoul™ Dance, and Sallie Sharpless, yoga Instructor and expressive artist. They are both breast cancer survivors. Robyn and Sallie bring their unique gifts of movement, art, Yoga and soul connection to create a workshop filled with exciting ways to reconnect to your body's natural ways of healing itself and making meaning of your cancer journey.



w/ Jennifer Harvey, Melanie Hannon & Katherine Gekas

Tues. 7:15-8:45p ~ Next Date TBD

$280 (includes manual)


OR email or sign up at studio

The 9-wk yogaHOPE Trauma Informed Mind Body Program (TIMBo) is simple, accessible and transformational. It is designed for women and strategically addresses the effects of stress and trauma on the body and mind. Through guided discussion, reflection, yoga and meditation, participants learn key practices for better health, resilience and well-being. You will gain tools to balance your nervous system, manage chronic stress and cultivate selfawareness and compassion. Join us for this healing and empowering program.

We are offering a FREE info session (Tues. 4/25 - 7:15-8:30p) on the TIMBo theory, methods, and practice. Hear why this program is so effective and how it can change the way you think about yourself, your health and your ongoing happiness. Bring your questions and learn more about this powerful program.

100 hr yogaHOPE Certified TIMBo Facilitator TRAINING

Both Online and In-Person Training Options throughout the year - for those who want to become TIMBo Facilitators.

FOR DETAILS about Facilitator Training


w/ Kirtan Soul Revival

Sat. 7- 9:30p - Next Date TBD

$25 in advance $30 at the door


OR email or sign up at studio

Join Kirtan Soul Revival for an evening of heartfelt, funky devotional music. They combine traditional Sanskrit mantras, original music, spirituals and music from around the world to create a unique, dynamic sound that merges funk, rock, rhythm and blues, world grooves, and chants. Will raise the roof and uplift the spirit. This promises to be a special evening!! For info & music/video clips -


Singing Bowls Journey

w/ Bindy Johnson

New Date TBD

$30 ~ Space is Limited!

TO REGISTER: (pre-registration required)

OR email or sign up at studio

We are delighted to welcome Bindy back to the studio for an evening of healing sound. Through the beautiful sounds of 25 alchemy crystal singing bowls each infused with a mineral, metal or gemstone, antique Tibetan & Indian bowls and other harmonious percussion instruments you will be bathed in the healing vibration of sound.

Bindy will lead us on a 90 min. soul journey to other worlds and deep spiritual levels with tones that connect your to your chakras, your guides and to the Divine. The journey begins with chanting followed by breath work to prepare for the sound bath. Through the realm of peaceful and healing sound frequencies you will open the portals of your right brain and connect to the place beyond thoughts.

Join in with these ancient vibrations, open your heart and expand. Once we open our hearts and minds the possibilities and journeys are endless.

Bindy, has intuitive gifts that bring peace and healing to the mind, body and soul. She works with people to help them live the lives they truly desire. The space she holds is full of love, compassion, empowerment and unity.

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