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Laughing Dog Yoga Specialty Classes

Tues. 11a-12:15p w/ Andrea - 11/7-12/12 - 6-wk Intro. Pt. 1
The Pt. 1 introductory series is perfect for total beginners and those who want to spend more time on the basics. It establishes a solid foundation for the practice of yoga. The class includes detailed instruction in the foundational yoga poses, breathing techniques and yoga philosophy. No new drop-ins after 2nd class.

$100 - 6-wk series or $18/class

SPECIAL OFFER: Sign up with a friend or family member for the entire 6-wk Intro. to Yoga series and the cost is $85/person. That is a $15 savings. If more friends or family join they also pay only $85/person.

Pre-registration requested. Fine to sign-up and then pay 1st day of class. It is not necessary to attend all classes though recommended.

Choose One:
OR email or sign up at studio

8-wk KIDDIE AND TEEN YOGA w/ Mary Kaye Chyrissicas
Kiddie - Tues. 4-5p
Teen - Tues. 5:15-6:30p

To enroll, go to and print enrollment form.
Questions and session dates contact Mary Kaye - 781-235-9162 or 781-710-4202. - Resumes in Sept.

Kiddie Yoga (coed ages 7 to 12): Get your kiddies involved in a healthy, rewarding way to exercise and energize the mind, body, and soul, and build a strong foundation for a lifetime. We offer a non-competitive, safe, positive, entertaining environment, with a practice that promotes focus, inner calm, and confidence. Teach kids now how to reduce stress, self calm and be more compassionate. Plus, lots of laughs so expect your child to lighten up! Kids of all levels and body types are welcome.

Teen Yoga (coed ages 13 - 17): A vigorous flow yoga class that offers teens a healthy yet non -competitive way to breathe, move, and stretch deeply. Students practice physical poses (asanas) and meditative movement to build strength and flexibility, while promoting focus and inner calm. Class devoted to yoga and positive self-talk while emphasizing humor as a way of reducing stress.

Mon. 6:45-8p w/ Marissa

This class is based in the Vinyasa style of yoga and specifically designed for expectant and new mothers to help prepare the body and mind for motherhood. Vinyasa yoga moves the body with flowing postures that are challenging, grounding, uplifting, and strength building - all of which bring you to your center where confidence, awareness, and appreciation

Prenatal women are combined with postnatal women so the natural cycle of divine mothering can continue within a supportive environment. If you have delivered within the past year, this class addresses the new needs of your body from recovery to breastfeeding and baby carrying. All levels of yoga students, from beginner to advanced, will find this style of prenatal/postnatal yoga beneficial.

Mon. & Thurs. 12:30-1:45p - Inter/Adv.
Sat. 10:45a-12p - Inter/Adv.

This class is a combination Ballet Barre, Ballet Stretch and Core Conditioning in order to develop and enhance strength, flexibility and a lean, sculpted body. Developed by Skye and based on her 30 years of Classical Ballet training, this class takes time-honored ballet and floor barre techniques and reinterprets them for athletes and individuals looking for optimal, overall fitness. The same body mechanics that create the unparalleled elevation and balance, great posture, deep stretch and flexibility, the powerful core strength inherent to ballet and dance are translated into accessible, intense and superior fitness training for the lay person. Skye is wonderfully demanding and will hold you to form for superlative results. Inter/Adv. Class.

Nia & BeSoul™ Dance: Love in Motion
Wed. 9:30-10:30a w/ Leslie - Nia
Fri. 9:30-10:30a w/ Robyn - BeSoul™ Dance
Sat. 9:30-10:30a w/ Rotating Teachers - Nia
Sun. 11a-12p w/ Robyn - BeSoul™ Dance

Nia is a vibrant movement practice for your body, mind and spirit. Inspired by Eastern and Western movements, Nia conditions your body through easy to learn steps, and energizes your workout through the martial arts, dance and yoga. But Nia is more than just a workout, it�s an opportunity to embrace the sensation of Joy to heal, to feel whole, and to feel happy in our lives.

BeSoul™ Dance provides an opportunity to connect to your deepest self through vibrant self-expression. Choreography is simple & enlivening and music is fantastic & varied. Join the BeSoul™ class and expand your spirit every time! We dance together to get fit in body, mind & soul.

Both Nia & BeSoul™ Dance are movement classes that can best be described as organic, holistic, fun, healing, strengthening & a breath of fresh air. Each class is unique and at the same time complementary. Curious what these classes can do for you? Try a class this week � all ages and fitness levels welcome.

Mon. 10:45-11:45a w/ Katie - Resumes in Sept.
Tues. 8:30-9:15a w/ Alexandra
Wed. 10:45-11:45a w/ Diana K.
Thurs. 8:30-9:15a w/ Alexandra
Fri. 10:45-11:45a w/ Alexandra - Resumes in Sept.
Sun. 8-9a w/ Laura

BarreBlend is an intense total body workout that blends pilates, ballet barre, strength/core /flexibility training and yoga in order to condition, define and refine your body. It is different from other barre classes in that every class is unique and challenges you in new ways. Along w/ the ballet barre, the teachers also use a variety of props - 1-3 lb. weights, fitballs, discs, dyna bands to name a few - to add to the challenge and effectively sculpt and tone each muscle group. Set to great music, this class will UP your fitness level in a BIG way.

Mon. 8:15-9:25a w/ Jennifer (Pilates Mat l/ll)
Wed. 8:15-9:10a w/ Jennifer (Pilates Mat ll)
Fri. 8:30-9:25a w/ Lynne (Pilates Mat l/ll)

Learn and refine the Pilates technique and matwork repetoire while taking it to the next level of sophistication and mind/body connection. Discover what is possible as you evolve in your strength, flexibility, muscle tone, dynamic power and ability to move through your core with greater range of motion. Class may utilize dyna-bands, pilates magic circles, ballet barre, yoga blocks, Beaming™, isometric resistance stretching and visualization/imagery techniques. You will transform and feel strong, toned, mentally focused and centered.

Pilates Mat Evolution I - For beginner’s to Pilates matwork exercises and total mind/body core conditioning.

Pilates Mat Evolution II - For students familiar with Pilates matwork series and/or have good core awareness/strength and want a challenging workout.

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