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Intro. to Yoga ~ New to Yoga or want to go back to basics? This class provides the perfect foundation for a safe and well-rounded yoga practice in a 6-wk series format. Similar to Level l, this series introduces the principles of correct alignment, breathing and meditation. Students will learn the fundamental standing poses, seated poses, twists, forward bends, backbends as well as the a practice sequence to do at home.

Level I / Basics ~ for beginning and continuing students (who want to go back to basics or working with physical limitations including injuries) to introduce the key principles of correct alignment in the yoga poses, how to use the breath and how to effectively relax. Emphasis on foundational poses to develop strength, flexibility and balance.

Level ll ~ for students who have a basic knowledge of yoga fundamentals. Emphasis on refining Level I poses, building stamina, strength and developing a steady mind. Intermediate level poses – including handstand at the wall, headstand, shoulderstand, deeper backbends - and breathing techniques (pranayama) are introduced.

Level II/III ~ for students who have at least two years of consistent yoga practice and want a challenge. Emphasis on intermediate/advanced poses, pranayama, meditation techniques and cultivating a greater awareness of the energetic and spiritual science of yoga.

All Levels ~ for a variety of students who have some yoga experience, these classes offer a well-rounded practice. The teacher will show variations, modifications for all poses so that each student can practice at their own level and also be challenged to take the next step in their evolution. It is recommended that those new to yoga attend Intro to Yoga and Level l classes.

Anusara-Inspired Yoga ~ Influenced by the Anusara method, these classes bring together a strong physical practice, skillful alignment cues without getting too 'heady', and a receptive honoring of the many expressions of the heart so your practice becomes deeply personal, transformative, creative and alive.

BarreBend ~ An intense total body workout that blends pilates, ballet barre, strength/core /flexibility training and yoga in order to condition, define and refine your body. It is different from other barre classes in that every class is unique and challenges you in new ways. Along w/ the ballet barre, the teachers also use a variety of props - 1-3 lb. weights, fitballs, discs, dyna bands to name a few - to add to the challenge and effectively sculpt and tone each muscle group. Set to great music, this class will UP your fitness level in a BIG way.

BeSoul™ Dance: Love in Motion This class provides an opportunity to connect to your deepest self through vibrant self-expression. Choreography is simple & enlivening and music is fantastic & varied. Join the BeSoul™ class and expand your spirit every time! We dance together to get fit in body, mind & soul.

Classical Ballet Floor Barre ~ Combines the BEST of Ballet Stretch, Floor Barre, Classical Ballet Barre and Core Conditioning to develop and enhance strength, flexibility and a lean, toned body. Great for sports conditioning, this class offers intense and challenging fitness training. Bring non-slip socks.

Gentle/Restorative Yoga ~ Ideal for seniors and students who prefer a class less vigorous than Level I. Combines warm-ups, gentle postures to increase flexibility, balance, strength and vitality AND Restorative Yoga to soothe and rejuvenate the nervous system, reduce stress, release long-held tension and calm the mind. Great for those working with physical limitations or injuries.

Going Deeper Yoga ~ Dynamic Level ll practice that includes pranayama, strong Vinyasa flow and meditation.

Intro. to Meditation ~ This series offers practical instruction in the practice of Insight Meditation. Through seated meditation practice, discussion, and light postural yoga, the class will explore the relationship between our physical yoga practice and the mindfulness of a seated meditation practice. You will develop the confidence and tools to establish your own meditation practice as the foundation for healthy reflection, clear intention, and a positive attitude for the ongoing improvement of your life. Appropriate for beginner and continuing students; and missing one class is fine, but missing none is divine!

Lunchtime Yoga Stretch ~ Take a break from your day with this balanced one hour class combining a variety of yoga poses, stretches, deep relaxation and meditation. You will move, breathe and relax leaving you centered and revived for the rest of your day.

Nia ~ Nia technique is an incredible fitness program that combines the beauty and power of a variety of movement styles (martial arts, dance arts, healing arts) in a heart pumping, energizing, total body workout. You will develop greater awareness and integration of body, mind and your own creative essence, so that eventually you move from a sense of inner strength, grace and spontaneous freedom. This class rocks with fabulous music and soulful inspiration. It is a great complement to an ongoing yoga practice and other exercise programs and appropriate for all fitness levels. No experience required. Just come and discover the JOY!!!

Pilates Mat Evolved ~ Learn and refine Pilates technique while taking it to the next level of sophistication and mind/body connection. Discover what is possible as you evolve in your strength, flexibility, muscle tone, dynamic power and ability to move through your core with greater range of motion. Class may utilize dyna-bands, magic circle, ballet barre, isometric resistance stretching, Beaming, imagery techniques. You will transform and feel strong, toned, mentally focused and centered. Level I/beginner's to Pilates and core conditioning. Level II/intermediate.

Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga ~ Vinyasa-style class designed for expectant and new mothers to help prepare the body and mind for motherhood. Vinyasa yoga moves the body with flowing postures that are challenging, grounding, uplifting, and strength building - all of which bring you to your center where confidence, awareness and appreciation blossom. Great way to bond with your baby in a supportive environment.

R & R Yoga ~ Offers an opportunity to relax and deepen your practice. Combines restorative and yin yoga postures, meditation and journaling to promote wellbeing, calm your nervous system, deepen your breath, connect to your higher Self and promote better sleep. It's a great way to end your weekend and prepare for the week ahead.

Sunrise Vinyasa Yoga ~ Jumpstart your week with this vigorous Vinyasa practice. Sweat, stretch mind and body, laugh and meet the day with greater equanimity and joy. This is an active level ll class – requiring at least one year of practice.

Vinyasa Yoga ~ Focuses on dynamic movement and energy flow. Moves continuously through a creative sequence of poses linked to awareness of breath to give strength, stability and freedom. Each class and teacher is different – full of great sequencing, breath-oriented flow, soulful music and mindful transition into a deep sense of repose.

Vinyasa / Yoga Nidra ~ This class blends 60 min. of Vinyasa flow and 30 min. of iRest® Yoga Nidra - a practice of deep relaxation and meditative inquiry that calms the nervous system, releases negative emotions/thought patterns and cultivates a profound sense of well-being. Yoga Nidra is the meditative heart of yoga and means "yogic sleep" – the experience of being completely relaxed, in a sleeplike state and at the same time awake and aware of a vast, peaceful, unchanging field of being that never sleeps and is always present even with the changing circumstances of life. Pretty Amazing!!

Weekly Open Meditation ~ Each class will include meditation instruction & practice and some conversation about the history & philosophies of the practice. The class is meant to encourage regular meditation practice w/ clear application to our daily life. The perfect way to begin or resume a lifetime of meditation - please join us and connect to a community of meditators at the studio and in the world.

Yin Yoga & Yin Yoga/Yoga Nidra ~ A quiet and contemplative practice that promotes greater circulation, increased joint mobility, flexibility and relaxation. Learn meditation practices that develop awareness of one's deeper nature through observation of mind and sensation. The Thurs. evening class combines Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra.

Yoga (also known as Hatha Yoga) ~ An eclectic blend and balance of effective alignment, creative, intelligent sequences, mindful, slow vinyasa, meditation and pranayama. Class structure varies based on instructor's unique style. May have music.

Yoga Narada ~ This class, developed by Hilary Cartwright is a nontraditional style of yoga developed over 25 years ago. This unique system provides a way to achieve flexibility in the body, while maintaining coordinated control to pass smoothly from shape to shape. Unlike a traditional yoga class, positions are not held but repeated in a flow that gently unravels the knots both mental and physical, giving the body a sense of comfort in its movement. This slow build up is easy to follow. You will discover the physical freedom found through dynamic flow and alignment, allowing access to deeper movements later on without pain or stress on the body. Named after the Vedic sage, Narada who believed that wisdom and enlightenment could be gained with clarity and grace, through music, dance and movement. He is also appreciated for having a good sense of humor.

Yoga of Energy Flow ~ Drawing from Kundalini Yoga, Meridian Yoga, Kali Ray TriYoga, breath work and Shiatsu, this class explores simple but powerful ways to open, increase and balance the flow of pranic energy throughout our body-mind and transform your practice.

ZUMBA ~ A high energy, fun workout that fuses Latin and world music with easy to follow choreography, making it great for body, mind and spirit.